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When it comes to the used cars for sale in Tucson, GearSix Motorsports is shifting expectations for the better. We’re especially proud to focus on premium performance machines from brands like BMW, which has a well-deserved reputation for building cars and SUVs that are as comfortable as they are fun to drive. GearSix then gives you additional reasons to get your next pre-owned BMW from us. Among the highlights: fantastic customer service, fair pricing, first-class vehicles, and financing for all. Family-owned and operated, GearSix treats its customers like family, too!


Brand-new BMWs don’t come cheap, and honestly, neither do used ones. But you also get what you pay for, so along with premium price tags come premium features. And enjoying exclusive BMW benefits can actually be more affordable than you might think — especially if you shop in the pre-owned marketplace. The used luxury cars for sale in Tucson are often much less expensive than new models due to depreciation alone. Just looking at the first year, the typical car can depreciate by 20% or more. The same vehicle could then easily depreciate by more than 60% in the five years after purchase. Don’t worry, though. Used BMWs can still be in great condition with many years of driving thrills left to go.

Unsurprisingly, those are exactly the models we try to keep in stock in our inventory, and we have a rigorous selection process — including a meticulous mechanical inspection by our expert technicians — to help ensure only the best choices are presented to our customers. Of course, we also encourage you to check out a used-vehicle history report before sealing the deal since that can supply important details about a car’s condition from a neutral third-party source. Additional GearSix warranties are available as well (please see us for details).

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For all their dynamic driving advantages, pre-owned BMWs can also be among the most luxurious, best-equipped used cars for sale in Tucson — or anywhere else for that matter. The result is an impressive ownership experience that can be backed by richly detailed cabins, sophisticated infotainment technology, advanced driver-assistance systems, and more. (Note: Exact features may vary by model and year.)

  • BMW’s award-winning interiors set the stage for better driving with creature comforts such as heated/ventilated massage-function seats, executive-class rear accommodations, ceramic controls, Bowers & Wilkins audio, and genuine materials like high-grade leather, real wood, and authentic carbon-fiber trim for a true sense of elegance.
  • Get ready to shine in pre-owned BMWs that boast plenty of LED lighting, from Adaptive Icon headlamps to the thousands of LED light elements embedded in BMW’s exclusive Panoramic Sky Lounge Roof, where they make it seem like you’re always driving under the stars.
  • BMW’s Active Driving Assistant and safety technology, including automatic braking, adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assistance, and blind-spot monitoring, can help you enjoy your pre-owned ride with more peace of mind.
  • Like many of the used cars for sale in Tucson, pre-owned BMWs can supply incredible infotainment systems that use large touchscreens, console-mounted controls, and voice recognition to manage many vehicle functions. BMW, however, goes above and beyond with no-touch Gesture Control for even more digital convenience.
  • WiFi compatibility, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, and wireless charging are essential for today’s drivers and available in used BMWs.
  • BMW’s Live Cockpit digital instrument panels and high-tech head-up displays let you keep additional info in view.


Tucson drivers have a unique set of preferences for their pre-owned cars, but rest easy: GearSix gets it. Our team of experts has extensive experience in finding the right used BMWs for local customers, and we’re eager to do the same for you. So even if you don’t see the exact BMW you want — whether you’re looking in person or online — we can put our skills to work to track one down for you. Not sure which BMW best fits your needs? We can also help with that.

As a starting point, keep in mind that the brand’s relatively long list of models relies on an alphanumeric naming system where the bigger the number, the bigger the vehicle. Odd numbers generally refer to BMWs with classic styling, with even-numbered models putting a sharper focus on dramatic design. Oh, and the BMW names that begin with an “X” refer to the company’s SUVs.

A few of our favorites are:

  • Bringing big benefits in smaller packages, the BMW 1 and 2 Series, complemented by the X1 and X2, offer an affordable entry into the brand’s lineup with all the excitement you expect from a true Ultimate Driving Machine.
  • The BMW 3 Series is an absolute icon of the sport-sedan world, and it’s also the fierce foundation for coupes, convertibles, and 4 Series four-door Gran Coupes — and the athletically capable X3 and X4 SUVs.
  • Blending the brand’s hallmark performance with notable increases in luxury are the BMW 5 and 6 Series cars.
  • The BMW 7 Series sedan and 8 Series coupe represent the flagships of the brand’s vehicle portfolio and are presented with an unrivaled combination of ultra-luxe amenities and effortless strength.
  • Trail-friendly SUVs such as the BMW X5, X6, and three-row X7 can tow and tackle tough terrain without breaking a sweat and without sacrificing excellent on-road manners.
  • Along with the convertible versions of the brand’s core models, the BMW Z3/Z4 roadsters are particular favorites for open-air driving enthusiasts.
  • BMW’s M division is devoted to both motorsports and making the brand’s street cars go faster, and its special M models raise the bar — and your pulse rate — for most BMW vehicle series.
  • As more and more customers clamor for pre-owned EVs and hybrids, BMW’s i Series is also becoming a growing presence.


BMW has been in business for more than a century, but a surprising number of those years went by before the company built its first car. Everything started with the founding of the Bayerische Motoren Werke in 1916. That name translates as the Bavarian Motor Works and refers to the company’s German birthplace. The thing is, BMW actually began by building airplane engines and then expanded into manufacturing motorcycles — an operation that’s still in business today as BMW Motorrad. Finally, in the late 1920s, BMW entered the automaking arena. Yet even then it started by building cars under a license from the English company Austin.

BMW entered its modern phase in the 1960s with the debut of its “New Class” models like the iconic BMW 2002 that set the template for the original Ultimate Driving Machines of the 1970s. Later, when enthusiasts began moving toward SUVs, BMW did the same. In fact, the company helped create the luxury SUV segment with the 1998 BMW X5. Today, BMW is a world-class German automaker that actually makes many of its vehicles here in the United States.

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