If you’re in the market for a pre-owned Chevrolet, there are many choices available at many different places in the Tucson area. But at GearSix Motorsports, we put just as much focus on customer service as we do on high-quality used cars. It’s that extra edge that attracts so many savvy shoppers to our dealership for great deals on used Chevrolets. Also, just to be clear, GearSix carries more than just high-performance Chevy models like the Corvette and Camaro. The Bowtie brand sells an impressive range of award-winning sedans, hatchbacks, trucks, SUVs, and more, and so do we. So be sure to check out our showroom, online or in person, to see our latest inventory.


The No. 1 reason to buy a pre-owned Chevrolet — or almost any used car — is that it can help you save money. A lot of money. Due to depreciation, the typical new vehicle loses about 20% to 30% of its value after its first year on the road. The losses keep coming, too, and by the time a car is five years old, it’s generally worth just 40% of its original value. You also get more bang for your buck with a pre-owned Chevrolet since you can get impressive features and technologies at the same time you’re paying less to enjoy them. And because a used car costs less to buy, it generally costs less to insure, saving you even more.

Another advantage to shopping for a used Chevy is the increased variety available: You can expand your options by looking at vehicles from many different years, including some choices that may no longer be on the market at all as a new model.

Finally, the rise of vehicle history reports means it’s easy to investigate whether a car’s been in an accident, how many owners it’s had, whether it’s been serviced regularly, and more. That plus GearSix’s dedication to transparency and integrity can then give you the confidence you need to seal the deal!

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Just because you’re buying a used Chevrolet doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the auto industry’s latest features. Many pre-owned Chevy vehicles actually offer the same kind of technology, performance, and comfort advantage as the brand’s newest models. From advanced driver- assistance measures to screen-friendly infotainment systems to luxurious amenities, you can get them in a used Chevrolet truck, car, or SUV. (Note: Exact features vary by model and model year.)

  • GearSix Motorsports is especially proud to tap into Chevy’s long history of racing success with power-packed engines, track-friendly suspensions, and motorsports-inspired technology.
  • Chevrolet supplies automatic braking, adaptive cruise control, lane- keeping assistance, blind-spot monitoring, a digital rearview mirror, and more for high-tech safety.
  • The Bowtie brand also brings technology to towing with sophisticated trailering systems backed by multiple cameras and hitch guidance.
  • Take advantage of wireless Android Auto/Apple CarPlay functionality for amazingly convenient connectivity that’s further supported by WiFi compatibility, traditional Bluetooth, and wireless charging.
  • Sophisticated head-up displays can project key vehicle data onto the inside of the front windshield, where it’s right in your line of sight.
  • Advanced rear-seat media systems with dual 12.6-inch dropdown displays are ready to take family-friendly travel to the next level.
  • With select Chevrolet models, you’re treated to deluxe amenities like leather heated/ventilated seats and leather heated power-adjustable steering wheels.


Here at GearSix, we’re updating our stock of top-notch used Chevrolet models on a regular basis, carefully inspecting each one before we offer it for sale to ensure it meets both our standards and yours. The result is an ever-changing selection of pre-owned Chevy SUVs, trucks, and cars that includes:

  • The Chevrolet Camaro muscle car and the Corvette supercar serve up remarkable driving excitement, stunning designs, and coupe and convertible body styles for open-air thrills.
  • Smartly engineered crossover-style SUVs such as the Chevrolet Trax, Equinox, Blazer, Trailblazer, and Traverse to meet your modern needs for sporty utility and innovative technology.
  • True body-on-frame SUVs like the Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban that blend uncompromising strength with upscale comfort.
  • The Chevrolet Silverado and Colorado deliver a solid 1-2 punch in the truck segments with robust strength, rugged off-road performance, and surprising levels of luxury.
  • The plug-in hybrid Chevrolet Volt combines the best of both worlds with a substantial all-electric driving range and the ability to go even farther in gas-hybrid mode.
  • Completely gas-free driving with the Chevrolet Bolt EV that can travel nearly 259 miles on a single charge of electricity.
  • A wide selection of well-appointed cars led by the Chevrolet Spark, Sonic, Malibu, and Impala.


The Chevrolet brand takes its name from Louis Chevrolet, a Swiss- American race-car driver who teamed with William C. Durant to start developing cars in 1911. By 1913, the first Chevy, the Series C Classic Six, was on sale, and the brand became part of General Motors in 1918 when Durant leveraged the success of Chevrolet to purchase GM. It was revenge of a sort for Durant, who actually had founded GM and had earlier been pushed out of that company by other owners.

Chevy quickly became a vital part of the GM family with breakthroughs like the original Chevrolet Suburban Carryall — the country’s very first SUV. More iconic vehicles kept coming, including the Chevrolet Bel Air, Monte Carlo, El Camino, and Blazer. You can find many of tomorrow’s classics right now at GearSix Motorsports.

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